Random Findings

Apr 19

Lying in bed, orally conjugating German verbs

Sexy sex Saturday?

Apr 16


Apr 14



I want to pass this by but…I just can’t.



I want to pass this by but…I just can’t.

Apr 13

Halloween costume ideas

•Zoe from Firefly
•Aurora from Sleeping Beauty

Apr 11

I have had The Price Is Right theme stuck in my head all day.

That, and Ignition (Remix).

I feel like that says a lot about me.

Just had a random urge to put makeup on a guy.

Apr 10


Apr 06

Just made a molé ramen.

It won’t tear your heart out, but it will probably make it burn.

Apr 05

Portland is a small town masquerading as a big city

I’m at the Mock and I went outside for a smoke. A group of girls and one guy were outside. One of the girls sees me and exclaims, “You’re the one who sang for a cigarette! You have a lovely voice.”

A few months back, I was here and asked a group of girls for a cig. One of them said they’d give me one if I shared a story or a talent. So I sang for them. Apparently it made an impression.

Then the guy says, “I know you. I’ve met you before.” Turns out he is the roommate of the guy I dated back in September. He worked with one of the girls who saw me sing.

I shouldn’t be surprised, and yet I am.

Apr 03

I just left the Mock where a band was playing a song with the chorus, “She wants to sell my monkey!”

Now I’m going to something called a “Dookie Jam.”

Interesting night going so far.