Random Findings

  1. Spring Cleaning

    I’m clearing out the old in my life to make way for the new. This is on several levels, largely in part on the physical.  I’ve also been cleaning out the old files on my computer. After 3 years, it’s starting to really get bogged down by my crap (metaphor for my life?).

    I just ran across a file that I feel like sharing. I labeled it “DMs and Unsent Tweets.”

    “‘They’re big on Favrd’ is Twitter’s version of ‘They’re big in Japan.’”

    "I think I must experience synesthesia just before R.E.M. sleep. As I drifted off listening to Beirut, I swear the horns sounded like an argyle sweater vest."

    "Some days, I just feel like dressing like a kid from lookbook.nu, even if I end up looking like a fucking hipster."

    "She had been intoxicated by wine and orgasms, and in the midst of it, she fell for him. Hard. ‘I think it was around orgasm #3. By the by…MOST. INTENSE. EVER.’"

    "Don’t you know I would never say the word ‘fuck’? I would never fucking ever fucking say that, EVER!"